About us

SIROWA Poland Sp. z o.o. is a member of the Sirowa group, established in 1993 to provide our partners with increased competitiveness on local markets and added value in sales, marketing and logistics. Our partners are the leading manufacturers of the largest cosmestic and pharmaceutical brands in the world. Apart from Poland, the Sirowa Group has subsidiaries in Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

SIROWA Poland has dealt in the distribution and marketing of cosmetic products. It is continuing the more than a decade long tradition began by Intercosmetics of the distribution of selective cosmetics on the Polish market, subsequently conducted by Cosmopolitan Cosmetics, Procter & Gamble Prestige Products and then SIROSCAN. In 2011, the company was expanded to include a Pharmaceutical Department, beginning cooperation with international manufacturers of pharmaceutical brands in the distribution of OTC pharmaceutical products. 

Our portfolio includes brands addressed to various customer groups  - from the mid-priced segment up to the luxury products segment.

Our experience and long-term cooperation with perfume houses, networked and independent drugstores and pharmacies places us among the best distributors on the Polish market.