Our values

The objective of our activities is to achieve credibility and confidence in all aspects of cooperation with suppliers and customers, and to provide added value to the brands represented at every stage of distribution from the manufacturer to the consumer.


We take responsibility for fulfilling our commitments as well as possible and continually strive to improve our processes.

Target orientated
Each year we define the targets for the company and jointly strive to achieve them, and even exceed the expected level.

SIROWA Poland achieves its success thanks to effective teamwork. Our joint success depends on every employee. We believe that it is people who are the most important element in the efficient functioning of the entire company.

We all daily face up to a whole range of challenges and problems. To face these challenges, we are innovative and seek out new and better solutions. We are flexible and open to new challenges.

The motivation system at SIROWA Poland works on many levels. We care about our employees by providing competitive remuneration and a comprehensive social benefits package. However, the material aspect is not the only motivation. We believe that it is important to inform employees about the excellent work done by them and the mutual respect and appreciation.


We are a creative team motivated to achieve targets!